Elise Jennings

Senior Associate, KICP
Computer Scientist - Statistics at Argonne National Laboratory

Elise Jennings
Argonne National Laboratory


Ph.D., Durham University, 2011


My research is focused on understanding large scale structure clustering statistics in our Universe. In particular I am interested in modeling several systematic effects such as nonlinear growth, the bias between the galaxies and dark matter, both in the density and velocity fields, and redshift space distortions using N-body computer simulations and analytical methods such as perturbation theory.

I am also very interested in Bayesian statistics and sampling methods used in cosmological parameter inference. It is looking likely that a simple six parameter model describes our Universe and the growth of structure from close to t=0 until today. However the way in which we constrain these fundamental physical parameters, our choice of priors, likelihoods and implicit dependences on fiducial models can bias our results.