JD Emberson

Associate Fellow, KICP
Postdoctoral Appointee, Argonne National Laboratory

JD Emberson
Argonne National Laboratory
(630) 252-5770


JD Emberson received his PhD from the University of Toronto in 2015. His thesis research involved harnessing the power of modern supercomputers to explore the formation and evolution of cosmic structure.


JD is interested in a wide variety of topics in astrophysics including large-scale structure, reionization, galactic substructure, neutrinos, and understanding the dark components of our universe. An emphasis is placed on exploiting the use of cosmological structure formation simulations including both N-body and hydrodynamic algorithms. 

He is working alongside members of the HEP cosmology group in the preparation of the cosmological code HACC (Hybrid/Hardware Accelerated Cosmology Code) for use on Theta. Theta is a new supercomputer which arrived at Argonne in 2016. The cosmological simulations are used to aid in uncovering the mysterious nature of dark energy through comparisons with upcoming surveys that will map the three-dimensional distribution of structure around us.