Judit Prat

Schmidt Fellow and KICP Associate Fellow

Judit Prat
ERC 431


Hi! I am a postdoctoral scholar collaborating with Prof. Chihway Chang. During my PhD I worked on obtaining Cosmological constraints from Weak Gravitational Lensing measurements within the Dark Energy Survey Collaboration. In particular, I have experience performing and characterizing galaxy-galaxy lensing measurements, which are the cross-correlation between background galaxy shapes and foreground galaxy positions, and also in CMB lensing studies. Both of these measurements are sensitive to the cosmological parameters of the Universe and to the Galaxy-Halo Connection, which is another one of my interests. Besides this, I am a member of the LSST Collaboration, where I am looking forward to continue learning about the Universe. I am also excited about sharing the science I am doing with the community through outreach activities.

Other random facts about me include that I love making plots, flowcharts and infographics — choosing the colors is the best part ;) — doing sports and being outdoors, and generally just being around and talking to people!