Nikita Blinov

Associate Fellow, KICP

Nikita Blinov


I am a postdoc in Fermilab's Theoretical Physics and Particle Astrophysics Departments. Previously, I worked in the theory group at the SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory. I went to University of British Columbia for graduate school (Ph.D. in 2015) and worked at TRIUMF in the particle physics theory group. Before that, I studied at University of Alberta.


I am interested in what particle physics can tell us about the early universe and vice versa. Some of the fundamental questions that we try to address are:

  • Dark Matter
  • What is the nature of dark matter? How is it produced and how can it be detected?
  • Baryogenesis
  • Why is there more matter than antimatter? How can this asymmetry arise in the early universe?

In both cases, we study modifications of the Standard Model that include new particles and interactions, examining their consistency against existing observations and designing ways of testing them in the future.