Sanjana Curtis

Associate Fellow, KICP

Sanjana Curtis
ERC 521


Ph.D. NC State 2020


I am a nuclear astrophysicist interested in the origin of elements and multi-messenger astrophysics. My current research spans two main areas: 1) nucleosynthesis yields and light curves of core-collapse supernovae, and 2) heavy element nucleosynthesis and kilonovae from compact object mergers. My focus is on developing physically realistic models of multi-messenger events such as supernovae and mergers and connecting these models to multi-messenger observables. I do this by adding important microphysics to hydrodynamical simulations and by creating pipelines from simulations to predictions of abundances, light curves, and spectra.

Outside of research, most of my time is spent hiking, running, dancing, roller skating and reading.

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