Tsang Keung (TK) Chan

Associate Fellow, KICP
Inaugural Margaret Burbidge Prize Postdoctoral Fellow

Tsang Keung (TK) Chan
ERC 555


Ph.D. in Physics, University of California, San Diego, 2019


I am an Inaugural Margaret Burbidge Fellow at the University of Chicago, focusing on cosmological galaxy simulations and radiative transfer.

I was a post-doctoral research associate at the Institute of Computation Cosmology, Durham University, working with Tom Theuns, Richard Bower, and Carlos Frenk on galaxy simulations. We have recently developed a novel radiative transfer method paper on MNRAS, which will have many potential applications in galaxy simulations. Our module is publicly available on SWIFT and we welcome any suggestions and collaborations.

I was a physics graduate student at the University of California, San Diego, working with Dusan Keres. We are part of the Feedback In Realistic Environment (FIRE) collaboration, which focuses on high-resolution cosmological simulations with comprehensive stellar feedback.

During my master degree, I worked on gravitational waves and the properties of compact objects with Professor PT Leung in the Chinese University of Hong Kong.

I specialize in numerical methods, parallel computing (C, Fortran, and MPI), and data analysis (Python).