Director’s Welcome

Abigail Vieregg, David N. Schramm Director, KICP

The Kavli Institute for Cosmological Physics is a special place, where experimentalists, theorists, simulators, and observers come together to deepen the understanding of the origin and evolution of the Universe and the laws that govern it. Central to our mission is to train the next generation of physicists and astronomers to address the most compelling problems in cosmology, broadly speaking.

Current challenges in cosmology include investigating the nature of dark matter, understanding the mystery of dark energy, probing the birth of the universe, looking for clues about the unification of the fundamental forces, and learning about the most exotic objects in the Universe with high-energy messengers including neutrinos, cosmic rays, gamma rays, and gravitational waves.

Our institute is built to enable active engagement and collaboration with each other and with the broader community. We host a variety of conferences, workshops, seminars, colloquiua, and visitors. We also engage in our local community through a variety of outreach programs.

Abigail Vieregg
David N. Schramm Director, KICP