KICP Fellowship

Welcome KICP Fellow Class of KICP 2024

We are pleased to welcome 4 new KICP fellows this fall!

  • Marco Gatti (DES weak lensing and cosmology, CMB cross-correlations)
  • Yunyang Li (CMB data analysis)
  • Guilherme Limberg (Observation, Stellar archaeology in MW and dwarf galaxies)
  • Curro Rodriguez Montero (comology simulations, effects of feedback on galaxy and star formation)

KICP Fellows

KICP Fellowship

KICP Fellows are an integral part of the KICP community. The KICP is an interdisciplinary environment that brings together physicists and astronomers who range from experimentalists to observers, simulators, and theorists, to stimulate new ideas and push the forefront of cosmological research. Current topics of research in the institute include: the inflationary era; dark energy; dark matter; experimental and theoretical studies of the CMB; analysis of cosmological data including CMB, large-scale structure surveys (especially the Dark Energy Survey), and type Ia supernova; gravitational lensing and gravitational-wave studies; observational cosmology; experimental and theoretical particle astrophysics; near-field cosmology, and direct and indirect detection of dark matter. The KICP has an active program of visitors, symposia, and meetings as well as Education and Outreach opportunities. Diversity and Inclusion are core values of the KICP, and all members of the KICP are expected to adhere to our Community Values. Information about the KICP can be found at the KICP website.