Adam J. Anderson

Associate Fellow, KICP
Lederman Postdoctoral Fellow, Fermilab

Adam J. Anderson


In June of 2015, I finished my PhD at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology working with Tali Figueroa on the SuperCDMS experiment at Soudan, a direct dark matter detection experiment. My thesis primarily concerned a search for light dark matter in the few-GeV mass range, as well as exploring some novel applications of superconducting detectors to neutrino physics.


I am currently a Lederman postdoctoral fellow at Fermilab, working on the South Pole Telescope (SPT).  In recent work, I helped to build and test he next-generation receiver for SPT, called SPT-3G, which deploys 15,000 TES bolometers operating at 90, 150, and 220GHz in order to measure the polarization of the cosmic microwave background. More generally, I am interested in measurements of B-mode polarization to search for evidence of primordial tensor fluctuations and gravitational lensing of the CMB. 

Although most of my efforts are presently directed toward CMB physics, I am still very interested in dark matter searches, instrumentation for low-temperature detectors, and novel experimental probes of the electroweak sector.