Danielle Norcini

KICP and Grainger Fellow

Danielle Norcini
Eckhardt Research Center
Room 477
5640 South Ellis Avenue
Chicago, IL 60637
+1 (773) 702-7672


Ph.D., Yale University, 2019


Danielle Norcini received her Ph.D. from the Wright Laboratory at Yale University. She helped lead the R&D and construction of the PROSPECT detector to measure neutrinos at very short distances from the High Flux Isotope Reactor in Oak Ridge, TN. Her thesis details a search for sterile neutrino oscillations and the world-leading measurement of the uranium-235 antineutrino energy spectrum. As a KICP and Grainger fellow, she is developing low-threshold detectors to search for dark matter and measure neutrino properties.

Outside the lab, you can find Danielle at home experimenting with baking ratios, reading interior design blogs, or by the lake playing with her dog Kip.

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