Meet new Associate KICP Fellow:  Keith McBride

July 31, 2023

Keith McBride, Associate KICP Fellow

My research interests include the astrophysical sources of high-energy particles and the processes that govern their propagation. I am a member of multiple astroparticle physics projects, including the High Energy Light Isotope eXperiment (HELIX), a magnet spectrometer payload, and the focus of my Ph.D. at Ohio State. HELIX will measure the mass of cosmic-ray nuclei, especially Beryllium, in the energy range of 1 GeV/n to 10 GeV/n to deepen our understanding of cosmic ray propagation in the Milky Way. Another project I contribute to is the Payload for Ultrahigh Energy Observations (PUEO), a neutrino-hunting array of antennas. The PUEO project aims to detect neutrinos at the highest energy (> 10 PeV) that are the byproducts of ultrahigh-energy cosmic rays (>1 EeV). PUEO's measurements will provide new insights into the most energetic objects in the universe. Both of these projects are NASA balloon-borne experiments. I am excited to continue working on these projects and begin new collaborations with more members of KICP.

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