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John Carlstrom has been awarded the Arthur L. Kelly Faculty Prize for Exceptional Service in the PSD

May 22, 2024

John Carlstrom, Subramanyan Chandrasekhar Distinguished Service Professor in the Departments of Astronomy & Astrophysics and Physics, the Enrico Fermi Institute, and the College, receives this prize in recognition of his critical contributions to the Physical Sciences Division and the continued success of both academic departments.

Gabriel Hoshino was awarded the DOE’s Office of SCGSR Fellowship

April 23, 2024

Gabriel Hoshino, PhD student, was awarded the DOE’s Office of Science Graduate Student Research (SCGSR) Fellowship to work with Prof. David Miller, Andrew Sonnenschein, and  Stefan Knirck on "Instrumentation for a Terahertz Reflector-Based Search for Axions and Dark Photon”  

“Initial results from South Pole Telescope SPT-3G camera hint at future insights about our universe“, UChicago News

February 29, 2024

New data on the cosmic microwave background released from upgrade with 10 times more detectors

“Summary of a Life in Observational Ultraviolet/Optical Astronomy” by Donald G. York

February 9, 2024

My main science research is of an observational nature, concerning Galactic and intergalactic interstellar gas. Highlights for me included my work on the orbiting telescope Copernicus, including the discovery of interstellar deuterium; early observations of absorption associated with five-times ionized oxygen; and discoveries concerning the phases of gas in the local interstellar medium, based on previously unobservable interstellar UV spectral lines.

Dean Angela Olinto Named Provost of Columbia University

February 8, 2024

Angela Olinto, Dean of the Physical Sciences Division, and Professor in A&A, EFI, and Senior Member of the KICP will become the next provost of Columbia University.

Meet a new KICP senior member: Harley Katz

January 21, 2024

Ph.D., University of Cambridge, 2017

“Scientists find an unusual star that hints at a new way stars can die”, UChicago News

January 11, 2024

Discovery by UChicago astrophysicists may change our picture of how stars explode and elements are made

John Carlstrom has been awarded the Dannie Heineman Prize for Astrophysics

January 11, 2024

University of Chicago astrophysicist celebrated for work investigating the cosmic microwave background for clues about the early universe.


Charles Mark Lewis won the 2024 Mitsuyoshi Tanaka Dissertation Award in Experimental Particle Physics

December 20, 2023

Citation: "For the development of techniques expanding the low-energy reach of new particle detector technologies, with applications in neutrino physics, dark matter searches, and the study of charged-lepton flavor violating modes of muon decay."

Professor Rocky Kolb awarded the APS Lilienfeld Prize

October 24, 2023

In an interview with APS News, Kolb discusses the Big Bang, parallel universes, and the need for public outreach.

Meet new senior member: David W. Miller

October 23, 2023

Associate Professor, Department of Physics
Ph.D., Stanford University, 2011

Meet new senior member: Jamie Law-Smith

October 3, 2023

Assistant Professor | PhD in Astronomy & Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz, 2021

Michael Gladders will receive a Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching

May 25, 2023

Prof Michael Gladders will receive a Quantrell Award for excellence in undergraduate teaching at the University next week. Mike was nominated by the students in his Astronomy Field Course, an innovative course he designed that gets astronomy majors directly engaged in research with the Magellan telescope. This is one of the highest honors for faculty at the University.

“Answering big questions at the South Pole”, PSD News

May 22, 2023

Most people seek warmer destinations for travel to escape the tough Chicago winters. Brad Benson, on the other hand, sets his sights on the South Pole nearly every year. On his list of top reasons to visit: the intense cold creating extremely low levels of moisture in the air, dryer even than the highest mountain peaks in the world. 

Wendy Freedman has been elected to the Royal Society, PSD News

May 10, 2023

Wendy Freedman, John and Marion Sullivan University Professor of Astronomy and Astrophysics,  has been elected to the Royal Society, a fellowship of many of the world’s most eminent scientists and the oldest scientific academy in continuous existence. This year, 59 scientists from around the world were elected Fellows or Foreign Members of the Society for their outstanding contributions to science.