Meet new KICP associate fellow:  Susmita Adhikari

October 7, 2020

Susmita Adhikari

My work over the past few years has focussed mainly on cluster scale physics from a theoretical and observational perspective. I have shown how the outskirts of galaxy clusters, in particular the splashback radius, can be used as a probe of modified gravity and the nature of dark matter. I am also involved in the measurement of this feature with the Dark Energy Survey(DES) in collaboration with SPT and ACT and am working on novel approaches to the galaxy-halo connection in the light of this feature, which is now established as the physical boundary of the halo. Further, I am interested in signatures of self-interacting dark matter on halo-scale physics ranging from milky way to clusters, our recent work shows that the profile of halos out to its boundary is sensitive to the nature of dark matter and will be a competitive probe for SIDM in upcoming surveys. Recently I have also been interested in studying the sources of gravitational waves in the light of structure formation, understanding their evolution and clustering in the context of the large scale-structure of the universe.