Meet new KICP Fellow: Brandon Roach

April 26, 2023

Brandon Roach, KICP Fellow

My research is at the intersection of dark-matter physics, instrumentation, and data analysis. I received my PhD from MIT in 2023, where I led several searches for low-mass decaying dark matter using data from the NuSTAR x-ray telescope. I am also a member of the GAPS collaboration searching for low-energy cosmic antinuclei, where I was extensively involved in the integration and testing of the large-area silicon tracker. At KICP, I will be working with Prof. Alex Drlica-Wagner on the small-scale end of large-scale structure, including the commissioning of a novel Skipper-CCD spectrometer for the study of low-surface-brightness galaxies. I am originally from Michigan, so I am definitely looking forward to being back in the Midwest!

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